Core Values

We believe an all-seeing and all-powerful God. When we serve and please Him first and above all, we will do right and give our best regardless of the circumstances.

We treat each person with impartiality and uncompromising respect, civility and fairness.

We believe that attitude supersedes aptitude. It is the rationale behind our. Applicants first before self-service mantra. We are committed to servitude, kindness and humble service.

We believe that it is what a person does when no one else is looking. From this, emanates integrity, ascendancy and the motivation to do what is right. With character, embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics.

We are empowered to deliver operational excellence through innovation and sense of ownership at all levels. We empower each other to become responsible interdependent individuals to achieve continuing improvement. By empowering each other, we achieve better results and productivity as a team.

We facilitate the documentation for the accreditation and/or registration of international employers seeking to hire Filipino workers by providing standard and approved templates and reviewed contracts. We provide liaison services to facilitate the issuance of the needed permits and papers for the advertisement, interview, recruitment, selection, employment and smooth deployment of the workers. We assist in the preparation, consolidation and submission of documents and endorsement to Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). As licensed and accredited agency, we facilitate the processing of necessary visas and work permits with varied embassies in the Philippines. When requested, we can facilitate re-hiring of previous employees.

We provide access to a variety of opportunities for all our partners. Our job-provider partners chose to exclusively use our services to provide them their valuable team members. Our job-seeker partners benefit from our professional advice and tips to ensure they match and suit the job they are being recruited. Job-providers have access to an active and periodically updated database of more than 100,000 sought-after Filipino workers. Job-seekers have access to better employment opportunities from our proven employment partners across the globe such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UAE, Singapore and many more.