Key’s Placement Inc. is a recruitment agency in the Philippines that was established in June 1996, an international and local professional staffing company, specializing in assisting the manpower needs and demands of a company both public and private. We place and choose competent, honest and dedicated workers that suit the needs of every client.

Key’s Placement Inc. is a private employment and consultant agency duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) POEA License No. 175-LB083018-R (renewed). An agency expert in manpower exports from the Philippines with a global alliance and offices in Singapore, USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, United Kingdom North of Ireland, South of Ireland Taiwan, Bahrain, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, we have our own unique search process to provide the most accurate and effective manpower search solutions for our clients.


We are set to become one of the top leading recruiters of quality manpower in the local and overseas markets.


To open doors for a bright future to all Filipino Workers that are set to become top performers in the field of their expertise, technical knowledge, ability and capability, skills and talent. To cater, deliver and share to the satisfaction of each client our future top performers in the overseas manpower market. Be recognized in changing lives and make a difference. “In God we trust.”


We are 2 (Two) companies in one, working hand in hand to be able to cater and deliver the needs of our clients. GLOBAL ASIA ALLIANCE CONSULTANT INC., is our affiliated recruitment and consultant agency who supported and backed us up in all our recruitment needs. GLOBAL ASIA ALLIANCE CONSULTANT INC., is one of the leading providers of hospitality staffs (from the front of the house to back of the house), technical and skilled professionals and healthcare providers as well locally and overseas. Getting the service of Key’s Placement Inc. means being served and catered by 2 (Two) agencies and it makes our strength in terms of pooling people and delivering the needs of our clients.

We may not be the big and famous recruitment agency in the country but what our company vouch and work for is our integrity and honesty to deliver what is tasked for, to the best of our ability and knowledge. Work within the expectations of our client and be straight forward what we can and cannot do.

Number of Applicants:

On average, there are between 150-200 incoming applicants per month in the Company. This includes applicant’s employers rehire for the same job posting with the same or new employers and those who responded through our newspaper advertisement, door to door flyer distributions, candidates who log-in to our website and also walk-in applicants through word of mouth.

Ways of sourcing Applicants:

* Advertising

* Outsourcing by going to the provinces

* Having agents from different places of the country

* Head Hunting depends on the needs of the clients

* Door to door flyer distributions

* Website posting

* Online application

* Word of mouth

* Putting satellite office and other key cities of the country


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