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Apr 29
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Delivery Centre Manager

· This position is responsible for the operation, development, improvement and standardization of Chowking’s Delivery and ensures its effectivity and efficiency.

· With knowledge in Stores Sales and Financial Statement Analysis

· At least college degree preferably in HRM, Business Management, and other related discipline.

· At least three (3) years of progressive managerial experience in a food-service delivery operation.

Assistant Commissary Manager

· Responsible for assisting the Commissary Manager and the entire Commissary Department and its Operations in total support for the attainment of sales and profit targets of the Corporation.

· Must be a college graduate of BS Commerce (Business Management/Accounting Major) or BS Engineering (Industrial/Civil Engineer)

· With at least 2-3 years of related experience in a food manufacturing industry

· Preferably with experience working overseas

General Maintenance Technicians

· This position takes charge of repairs, preventive maintenance and trouble shooting of store and department’s equipment such as air-conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation system and other mechanical facilities

· must be a holder of a Technical Training Certificate in Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Technology or Electrical Technology’

· must have at least 2 years minimum experience working in the same capacity gained from any food chain industry

· preferably with experience in ventilation system

· must be knowledgeable in discussing trouble shooting and repairing split type air-conditioning unit, cold storage and other related mechanical works

· must be capable in layout/installation of split type air-conditioning and knowledgable in electrical job.

· Preferably with knowledge and experience in store equipment maintenance

Warehouse Supervisor

· This position takes charge of managing warehouse operations ensuring effective storage and inventory system, documentation & invoicing, material and product handling and delivery to achieve quality product from Commissary to stores.

· Knowledge in inventory formats and formulas

· With at least 2 years of experience as a warehouse supervisor preferably in a food manufacturing company

· Mus be able to analyze inventory reports and Cost of Sales

· Must be able to analyze and provide technical solutions in warehousing operations

· Must have knowledge and experience in conducting physical counting at Warehouse stacking floors

· Must be able to sustain a cold room temperature of -30º c for every checking

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